About us

Crossing serenity, finding mobility. By hearing echo inside snail and cooperating with breath, mobility and balance of human. Integrating physiotherapy, body realignment, yogilates, and holistic healing. Whale Wellness is dedicated to bringing betterness to all bodies, minds, and souls.

Yoga Posture

Embrace Serenity, Find Mobility

Listen to the seashell, an exquisite wonder of nature, its soothing echo lulls the soul to balance and tranquility.

Now listen to your body. The gateway to your mind. The instrument of your being. It craves continual fine-tuning to play brilliantly.
Whale Wellness guides you to preserve body, mind and psyche at their peak. Our offerings do more than reiterate the teaching-learning relationship. We believe in the power of harnessing acquired knowledge to help yourself – equipping and inspiring you to maintain wellness beyond our classes.
Empowerment through body intelligence


Yoga Posture
The Whale Wellness studio spans across two floors, each beckoning with an almost 1,000 sq. ft oasis. Discover Yoga/Meditation on 5/F and Physio/Pilates equipment on 23/F. Caramel wood floors, alabaster walls, and plenty of large windows allowing streams of natural light create a space that is calming, warm, cheery – an invitation to explore one’s inner sanctuary.
At the heart of the studio is a bespoke backlit wall mural of ‘feathered’ glossy tiles in exuberant hues of peacock teal, safari green, deep olive and porcelain white against which the Whale Wellness logo illuminates. Joyous and harmonious, an emblem of creative energy…. precisely what a life of wellness is.